At CIAS COM we provide value for your company by increasing the profitability of its material assets and general services agreements and optimising spaces and work processes.

We want to help you to achieve your objective: an efficient control and management system that provides a cost saving.

Proyectos Integrales

Complete solutions

CIAS COM provides a complete service that ranges from consultancy and prior studies through innovative technological developments to the implementation and setting in motion and exploitation of the results, with the objective of improving productivity, optimising the processes, and reducing costs.

Soporte continuado

Continuous monitoring

We provide supervision and monitoring systems and a continuous follow-up of those variables established by the client. Our software applications are accessible from anywhere at any time. They are versatile and flexible tools.

Servicios "Llave en mano"

Information made to measure

The information provided by the experts of CIAS COM, which is based on experience and on personalised software systems, represents an essential tool when making quick decisions and guarantees the continuous improvement of your organisation. We provide made-to-measure reports that give a detailed analysis of all the data obtained.

In order to do so we have a complete portfolio of services:


  • Analysis of actual needs and completion of technical audits on every specific service in each building to adapt the services to those needs.
  • Analysis of the current service organization, checking its execution, the human and material resources applied, the processes applied, the performance levels, and its efficiency and quality. Advice and proposals regarding reorganization (productivity improvements and efficiency of the service organization).
  • Analysis of the applicable collective agreements (labor: operators and their employment categories, tenure with company), pricing and costs structure. Advice on labor issues related to the workforces of subcontracted companies (substitutions, conflicts, etc.).
  • Comparative analysis with other similar centers and other administrations (efficiency benchmarking).
  • Optimization proposals, rationalization of costs, and improvements in services.
  • Quality control proposals and continuous monitoring of service execution.
  • Preparation, proposing and drafting of technical bidding specifications for the purpose of identifying all the obligations that must be met, to ensure the specified objectives are subsequently met.


  • Auditing and energy studies.
  • Implementation of Accounting and Energy Management Systems.
  • Advice on and management of the contracting of supplies.
  • Advice on the preparation of tenders and bidding specifications for the public administration.
  • Claiming from and negotiating with energy distribution and marketing companies.
  • Implementation of standard ISO 50001.
  • ESE contract auditing and certificate of saving.
  • Drawing up of plans for measuring and verifying savings (IPMVP-EVO)


  • Drafting of facility inventories.
  • Technical audits of the maintenance of building facilities as well as civil works.
  • Recording and operating of information systems (Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management and Balanced Score Cards).
  • Customized reports on requirements.
  • Energy efficiency audits.
  • Self-protection plans.


  • CIAS COM has a team of technical engineers and architects who perform regular quality controls in the facilities covered by the contract, to oversee service execution quality.
  • The contract sets forth the service level agreements (SLAs) that will later be used by CIAS COM as a reference for generating the customized quality control system.
  • Generation and operation of score cards highlighting key management indicators.
  • Directly link variable remuneration for the service to the score card, incentivizing high quality service execution through the service certificate.


  • CIAS COM is an industry thought leader in implementing new technologies to optimize contracts and develop quality control systems for general services. Our innovative Internet-based platform optimizes management and control through:
  • Quality control information systems: allows clients to perform quality controls on the work performed by our staff (or by the clients themselves) in their facilities.
  • In-situ hourly control systems: dynamically monitor the real hours of service provided by each operator in the contracted companies.racted companies.
  • Call center: proactively respond to incidents arising in any of the general facility services. All incidents are automatically reported to the supervisors of the contractor company so that they can be resolved. can be resolved. and civil works.
  • Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management systems: these computer-assisted maintenance management systems guarantee the correct management of preventive, corrective and regulatory maintenance of facilities and civil works.
  • Thermography: for the detection of diseases in plants using infrared cameras.
  • Luminometers: hand held luminometer to measure ATP tests and to capture data for later analysis.