Our technical assistance and advisory services provide unique insights and guidance for the improvement of management, supervision, monitoring, and ongoing control over services. We focus primarily on the optimization of contracts through various savings initiatives related to the following general services:

Facility Management

  • Facility maintenance.
  • Cleaning of buildings and premises.
  • Security and surveillance.
  • Gardening.
  • Treating and controlling pest infestations.
  • Catering and restaurant services.
  • And all basic service contracts in general.

Gestión de eficiencia energética

  • Energy Accounting
    Management and optimisation of the consumption and cost of energy supplies. Control and analysis of the bills for energy supplies by specific software. Negotiation of the purchase of energy and advice at all times on any matter referring to energy and the installations.
  • Energy management systems
    Implementation of energy management software to find out in detail the energy behaviour of the installations and supplies, identifying the saving potential and maintaining an exhaustive control of energy expenses.
  • Energy audits and energy certificates for buildings
    Carrying out energy audits to help the organisations to find out the behaviour of energy consumption and its associated costs, identifying and characterising the factors affecting energy consumption, and detecting opportunities for energy and cost saving.
    Energy certificates for buildings are issued by means of officially approved software (CE3-X and LIDER-CALENER (HULC)). A label is obtained with the energy classification of the building.

Other services

  • Maintenance and conservation of elements on public thoroughfares.
  • Home care services.
  • Waste management and selective waste collection.