Identifying data

In compliance with the duty of information included in Article 10 of Law 4/2002 of 11th July on E-business and Information Society Services, the following data are reflected below: the company holding the web domain (henceforth the “website”) is CIAS COM 2001, S.L. with Tax Identity Number B62658521.


Access to and/or use of this portal of CIAS COM 2001, S.L. attributes the condition of USER, who accepts, from said access and/or use, the General Conditions of Use here reflected.
This website “” has been designed in order to reveal and allow the general access of all users to the different information, activities, products, and services of its own or of third parties offered by CIAS COM 2001, S.L. The use of this website attributes to the surfer the condition of a user of the website, which implies respecting these conditions in the version published at the time of access to the same. For this reason CIAS COM 2001, S.L. suggests that the user should read them carefully each time he/she accesses the website “”. Access to certain contents offered through this website may be subject to certain private conditions of their own which as appropriate replace, complete, and/or modify these general conditions. Prior to accessing and/or using said contents therefore, the user must also read carefully the corresponding private conditions.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. may alter at any moment without prior notice the design, presentation, and/or configuration of the website, together with any of all of the contents, and modify the general and/or private conditions required for using the same.

Access and Security

As a general rule users may access the website freely and free of charge. However, according to current legislation CIAS COM 2001, S.L. reserves the right to limit access to certain areas of the website. In these cases the prior requirement of access to the service is that the user must register providing all the information requested in an updated manner and in real time.
The user will choose his/her own identifier and password. As the identifier the user may not choose expressions, words, or sets of letters that may be insulting, offensive, or against the law, morality, or decency. Likewise he/she may not use brands, signs of establishments, advertising expressions, or names or pseudonyms of public or known personages without their authorisation. CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will allocate the identifier selected by the user, provided that it has not previously been selected by another user.
The use of the password is personal and not transferable; it may not be transferred to third parties even on a temporary basis. In this sense the user undertakes to make diligent use of the same and to keep it secret, assuming full responsibility for the consequences of its divulgation to third parties.
If the user is aware of or suspects that his/her password is being used by someone else, he/she must notify this circumstance to CIAS COM 2001, S.L. as soon as possible.
The user will lose the identifier selected if six months pass without it having been used for any of the contents of CIAS COM 2001, S.L.; it may then be selected by a new user.

Use of the Contents

The user undertakes not to use any of the contents that CIAS COM 2001, S.L. may make available to him/her for carrying out activities against the law, morality, or public order and in general to use them according to these general conditions.

The materials prepared by CIAS COM 2001, S.L. and available to the users on this website are only for informative purposes. The user must take into account that such materials may not contain the latest updates. They may be modified or eliminated by CIAS COM 2001, S.L. without prior notice. No binding effect will derive from any information provided on this website.
The materials that may be consulted through this website or which are offered through the same cannot be considered to constitute a professional relationship of any kind with the user. The user must not act on the basis of the materials of this website.

When CIAS COM 2001, S.L. provides services to the users that allow in any way the dissemination of contents by the user through the website, such as distribution lists, chats, newsgroups, the hosting of personal websites, etc., the users undertake to make use of the same in keeping with the law, these conditions, the private conditions of the providing of the service, morality, decency, and public order.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. reserves the right to exclude the user from active service without prior notice if the latter carries out any of the activities against the law, morality, or public order, and to take any legal action that it considers appropriate. In any case, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. has no obligation to control and does not control the contents transferred, disseminated, or made available to third parties by the users, except in the cases in which this is required by current legislation or by a competent Legal or Administrative authority.
Any announcement or comment, opinion, declaration, or recomme

ndation voiced within the active services will belong exclusively to the users expressing said points of view and under no circumstances will it be understood that they are those of CIAS COM 2001, S.L., with the latter being kept unaffected and free from charges in the event of any claim that may arise as a result of the use of these active services by a user in a manner prohibited in this DISCLAIMER or by law.


CIAS COM 2001, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt access to its website and also the providing of any or all of the contents provided by means of the same at any time and without prior notice, whether for technical, security, control, or maintenance reasons, owing to faults in the electricity supply, or for any other reason. Said interruption may be temporary or definitive, in which case this circumstance will be notified to the users, who may suffer if appropriate the loss of the information stored on the various services.

In consequence, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. does not guarantee the reliability, the availability, or the continuity of either its website or the contents, owing to which the user makes use of the same at its own risk, without it being possible at any time to demand responsibility from CIAS COM 2001, S.L. in this sense.
In relation to the active services or any other content for which registering is mandatory, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. may terminate the accounts and eliminate the contents and information of the Users owing to the inactivity or lack of use of the same. To be precise, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. may terminate the accounts and eliminate the files if more than 6 months pass after inscription without the aforementioned content having been accessed.


CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be responsible for any interruptions of the service, delays, errors, the malfunction of the same or in general other problems originating in reasons beyond the control of CIAS COM 2001, S.L. and/or owing to deceitful or negligent action by the user and/or owing to force majeure.
Without detriment to that established in Article 1105 of the Spanish Civil Code, the concept of force majeure will be understood to include for the purposes of these general conditions all events occurring beyond the control of CIAS COM 2001, S.L. such as: failings of third parties, operators, or service companies, action by the Government, lack of access to third party networks, acts or omissions of the public authorities, others occurring as a consequence of natural phenomena, power cuts, etc. or the attack of hackers or third parties specialising in the security or integrity of the computer system, provided that CIAS COM 2001, S.L. has adopted all existing security methods in accordance with the state of technology.

In any case, whatever the reason, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible whether for direct or indirect damage, consequential damages, and/or damages for loss of profit. Without there being any compensation for the user for these concepts, CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will have the right to suspend on a temporary basis the services and contents of the website to carry out operations of the maintenance, improvement, or repair of the same.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for contents and opinions of third parties expressed on its website or for the information contained on websites of third parties that can be accessed by links or search engines of the website, since the function of the latter is to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on the subject on the Internet, where the data provided on this website can be extended, and under no circumstances involves a suggestion, invitation, or recommendation concerning the same. Because of all this CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for the result obtained through said hypertext links.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for the use which each user makes of the materials made available by this website or for the actions he/she carries out based on the same.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for the use that the user makes either of the services and products of the website or of its passwords, or of any other material of the website that violates the intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right of third parties. If there should be adult content the user or his/her legal representatives are responsible for limiting access to the minors in their charge by using the mechanisms that the Internet browser or other third party services make available.

CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to the equipment of the users by possible computer viruses contracted by the user as a result of his/her browsing on the website or for any other damage deriving from said browsing.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. provides no guarantees in relation to the continuity or lack of errors in any of the contents accessible through its website, and moreover does not guarantee the correction of any defect or the absence of viruses and other damaging components on this website or on the server that supplies it.
CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for the veracity, lack of usefulness, or suitability for a specific use either of this website or of the contents; for the loss of data or services as a consequence of any delay, failure to deliver, incorrect delivery of the products exhibited or interruption of the service; or for the accuracy, quality, or nature of the information obtained through its contents. The applicability of any of the aspects of the content of this website must be consulted with a specialist in the specific area.

In any case, the information provided on this website is intended to complement and not to replace the advice which in any case must be obtained directly from professionals or other competent persons. CIAS COM 2001, S.L. strongly recommends consulting a professional on the subject before making a decision or carrying out any specific action.
The user will answer for any damages of any kind that CIAS COM 2001, S.L. may suffer as a consequence of failing to comply with any of the obligations to which it is subject as a result of these conditions or any private conditions that may be applicable.


Part of the website may contain advertising content or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material sent for its inclusion on the website complies with the laws that may be applicable in each case. CIAS COM 2001, S.L. will not be held responsible for any error, inaccuracy, or irregularity that may be found in the advertising contents or those of the sponsors.

In any case, any claim related to the advertising contents inserted on this website should be sent to the following e-mail address: