The Ministry of Justice advances in the implementation of Project management and energy efficiency. On February 23 the installation of monitoring equipment was completed in the Valladolid Courts buildings and in the Court of Justice of Valladolid. These buildings are the legal center in the capital of the autonomous community of Castilla y León. Both offices are able to be electrically connected due to their proximate location Angustias Street. The buildings share an 800kVa transformer owned by the Ministry of Justice. The installation of the MONITORING station will build out enhanced capacities to analyze the power consumption of the two buildings, which annually consumes 720 MWh. During the second phase, we plan to extend our offering to other consumer goods like natural gas and water. Most importantly, this is a project with an extended scope and scale: the two buildings are 18.500 sq. m and are the offices of approximately 420 employees. These buildings are integral to the operation of the functions of the Administration of Justice of the capital. With this coordinated and supervised initiative by CIAS COM, we are poised to establish strategies to control power consumption in these buildings, to implement optimized approaches to energy efficiency for their computers with high energy demands, to minimize unnecessary consumption, to isolate performance variation in the operation of the facilities to further avoid unnecessary costs, etc.