In December, two CIAS COM engineers obtained the CEM certification, in addition to the EVO-CMVP certification (Measuring and Verification Certificate) already awarded to two more of our engineers.

The CEM® Certified Energy Manager certification is the AEE certification with the widest range of areas and the highest international recognition. It is now 30 years since the first professionals were awarded the CEM© certification and there are now more than 20,000 across the world, with this certification being the one with the greatest international prestige in the energy engineering field.

The CEM® Body of Knowledge includes the following knowledge areas which are required to perform Energy Manager or Administrator functions correctly: accounting and energy economy;  energy audits; Instrumentation; electricity pricing; lighting; electrical systems; industrial systems;  renewable energies; cogeneration; HVAC. Air conditioning and ventilation; building insulation; boilers; energy storage;  insulation and energy use in buildings; certifications; maintenance; commissioning; and M&V.